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Charlie Scopoletti is proof that musicians have influence that can lead to real impact. Through his music he has helped raise over $100,000 for charities and has been recognized for his selfless commitment to helping others, with a Certificate of Appreciation by Westchester NY County Executive and a Proclamation naming March 7th “Charlie Scopoletti Day” by the Mayor of Port Chester NY. A two-time cancer survivor, his music draws from the unique perspective of someone who's faced and overcome adversity. His music speaks stories of the human condition, creating a combination of inspiring songwriting and thought-provoking lyrics. Charlie strives each day to help inspire, spread hope and make positive change to enhance people’s lives. Lean more here. 
"I'm in total awe at your most gracious heart & spirit that was beautifully displayed tonight. You brought tears of joy & hope. I'll never be the same..Beautiful...Just beautiful"


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The One Hundred

I'm so honored that I was nominated for this and that I am part of such an amazing group of people!! Through the one hundred we celebrate hope, inspire action and can change how we fight cancer, together. Created and supported by the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center, the one hundred is an awareness and fundraising initiative that celebrates hope in the cancer community. Each year, they honor 100 Everyday Amazing individuals and groups — caregivers, researchers, philanthropists, advocates and volunteers from around the globe — whose commitment to the fight against cancer inspires us all to take action. Check out more HERE


11/4/14 What's your story?

Today I wanted to share with you something I am proud and honored to have my name and song part of. That is something called My-Storytellers Keycharms
We’ve all been through unique struggles, exhilarating triumphs and everyday ups and downs. There are words and phrases that are woven in the fabric of our story that remind us of where we came from and what we are striving towards. They may come from the lessons we learn or universal truths that ring forever true. It doesn’t really matter where; all that matters is that it’s your story, a story that needs to be told. 
As you may know, for the last 3 years I’ve performed at the Conquer Cancer Coalition of MA, and Elisa and I have become extremely close with The Zuker family that founded the organization 11 years ago. They are some of the most loving and generous people we have ever met. Giving back to the cancer community year after year, making a difference in peoples lives and giving them a sanctuary to go to at the Garden of Hope, outside of Boston City Hall.  I am so thankful to have been introduced to them. They have enriched my life and so many others. 
It’s amazing how lives are brought together; intersect at certain moments in time creating memories that become stories. Today is the Day I hope that your story becomes part of theirs. 
My-Storytellers Keycharms is a collection of wisdom and inspiration hand-stamped keycharms. Susan Zuker started stamping these charms a few months ago to give to family and friends, and as a way to help raise money for the Conquer Cancer Coalition. The reaction towards them was tremendous and more and more people wanted them. 
The Keycharms are made to wear and collect. They hand craft each one letter by letter so that no two are ever the same. Every Keycharm is limited edition and helps support great causes. The more you get, the more they get to give. It's that simple.
They have started a Kickstarter Campaign to help with the production and I ask you to please take a look and learn more. They have put together a video to best give you the background and have used my song Today is the Day. I hope you take a look and if you are able to give it would be most appreciated! 
This is your story, wear it proud…

10/6/14 Musicians On Call

About to meet with Musicians On Call in NYC at Cornell Children's Hospital. Being down here brings back memories of when I was getting my treatment just a block away at MSK. Looking forward to doing some special things with them and giving hope to some of these children through my music.

10/1/14 Do something you LOVE

9/20/14 What does it take to Conquer?

Have you ever thought about what it really takes to conquer something? One meaning of “conquer” is to successfully overcome.
Many of us go through hardship in our lives at one time or another. They may be health, financial or relationship related. When we think about it, how do we truly get through those situations? I know I have tried to get through sometimes with only minimal effort. 
I only go half-in. When I should be going all in…(Read Full Blog Here)


6/24/14 New EP Released

Today is the Day my New EP is released!!! Can you believe it? It’s finally here. I couldn’t be more excited and proud of these new songs. As you know, I’ve been working hard to finish these up and get them out to you and the world. One of my favorite things is being able to share with you this music that comes straight from my soul. It means so much to have people like you in my life that appreciate it and support what I am all about.   

Check out this social video #todayistheday and then go get the songs on iTunes so you can sing along at the concert for the Record Release Party!!

6/20/14 News 8 CT Style

It does't say style behind us for nothing…look at those matching vests :) Watch to see what it meant for 16 year old Brian who had Lymphoma receive his Wish from Make-A-Wish Connecticut. Then I get to perform my song "This WIsh" to him. What courage and bravery this young man has! Today on CT News 8 (CT Style with Teresa Labarbera) 12:30pm. Link will be posted here shortly. 

6/18/14 Insight into Healing

Tonight sit back and take a listen to my in-depth interview I had with Alexa Servodidio on the next Insight Into Healing : Wednesday at 8pmEST We go deep on many different subjects…music, bullying, abuse, inspiration plus a few acoustic songs.

6/16/14 A-Sides Interview

"Wishing" with Charlie Scopoletti. This is a great candid interview I had with Jon Chattman of A-Sides in the Huffington Post today…How to say my last name?, is it 120, 60 or 20 feet from stardom?, What is means to play The Cap and purple socks.- Watch Interview Here

6/15/14 Fur Ball

5th annual Furball, to benefit Pets Alive, held at Trump National Golf Club Westchester NY

Great to meet Rob Thomas again and his wife Mari, such a great couple! So many awesome people doing such amazing things for animals. 


6/13/14 Port Chester Voice

Port Chester Native Returns Home To Play Concert Benefiting Make-A-Wish® -Full Article Here

5/29/14 Relay For Life

As a two-time cancer survivor I am always honored when I get asked to be part of such great events. This Saturday (5/31) I will be the survivor speaker and will be performing at  American Cancer Society Relay For Life Port Chester-Rye Brook. 

The American Cancer Society Relay For Life movement symbolizes hope and our shared goal to end a disease that threatens the lives of so many people we love. This is your opportunity to honor cancer survivors, remember those we have lost, and raise funds and awareness to fight back and help end cancer forever. 

Date: May 31st-June 1st 2014
Time: 7:00PM - 7:00AM
Location: Port Chester Middle School
Speech: 7:30pm
Performance: 9-9:25pm

More info go HERE

5/21/14 NBC CT

I'm so thankful to have these opportunities to share my story and music. If you missed is my interview from yesterday on NBC Connecticut with Kerri-Lee Mayland. Also a partial performance of my new song "This Wish" written for Make-A-Wish Connecticut.


5/14/14 8 Years ago changed my life

8 years ago yesterday, I lost my best friend Natalia to brain cancer. At the same time I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. If that doesn't put life into perspective, I don't know what will. Read more on my blog

5/2/14 Big Announcement...

I love to make music, but I live to make music that makes a difference. I am so proud to announce that on Friday June 27th I will be returning to The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester NY, for the second time. Last year I accomplished a dream of mine playing on that legendary stage and now I get to expand on that dream. This year we are stepping it up and I am thrilled to have Duncan Sheik Co-headlining with me. Duncan is known for his top 20 single “Barely Breathing” and the Broadway sensation “Spring Awakenings” that won him 2 Tony Awards and a Grammy. So awesome, right? 

The concert will benefit Make-A-Wish with portion of ticket sale proceeds benefiting the Hudson Valley and Connecticut Chapters. I’ve been working really hard to put this concert together and today the tickets go on sale Now at 12pm EST.

Purchase you tickets HERE
Also performing is New York-based artist Todd Carey who's new video "Nintendo" has close to 200,000 views. He also previously hit the top forty iTunes charts with his 2010 EP release After the Morning After. Carey has toured nationally and performed on stage with such diverse artists as Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Marc Broussard, Brendan James, Jason Reeves, Keaton Simons, Matt Duke and most recent Andy Grammar. 
Being able to put on a concert and give back means the world to me. It is my WISH that you will be there and share in what will be a special night. 
"There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why... I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?"
-Robert Kennedy

3/28/14 Make A Wish

Have you ever made a wish then experienced the joy of it coming true? There is no feeling like it, especially for a young child. When I was asked to write a song for the Make A Wish Foundation I was overjoyed with the opportunity. 

This Saturday I get to perform it live at An Evening of Wishes Gala at Mohegan Sun and speak about my story. I also get to introduce a video package showing how Wish kid Sierra’s wish, to visit “Harry Potter Land” in London, gave her the hope to believe in a future. Sierra’s future is one filled with dreams to be a star and to change the world. As the star of the “Evening of Wishes” Gala, guests will witness first-hand Sierra’s dreams become a reality and watch as she begins her journey to change the world, one wish at a time.

I’m so honored to be a part of this night and can’t wait to share the song with you in the coming weeks. Read more here


3/7/14 Happy “Charlie Scopoletti Day!!!"

I figured you might want to start your day with a little celebration. A year ago today a dream of mine came true when I stepped on the legendary Capitol Theatre stage. As a young boy I imagined that moment in my mind so many times. When people told me it was a long shot, I didn't waver in my belief. I knew that one day I would.  

Sometimes in life we're met with resistance, sometimes the obstacles feel like a course that never ends and sometimes we feel like waving the white flag and surrendering. It's in those moments we need to push with everything we have and break through. We need to stand tall and show the world what we're made of. 
If I would have listened to all the nay-sayers, I would have sold my self short of accomplishing a dream and that is not ok. Keep thriving and keep striving. I am so grateful for you! You mean so much to me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support! Without you, none of this is possible!!!

What an honor it was when the Mayor of Port Chester presented me with a proclamation giving me my very own day.


3/3/14 Pop Goes The Culture Awards

Performing and presenting the "Westchester Savior Award" to Peter Shapiro, owner of The Capitol Theatre. A little thumbs up with Andrew W.K. 


2/4/14 We Can Beat Cancer...

I am proof!! World Cancer Day is a chance to raise our collective voices in the name of improving general knowledge around cancer and dismissing misconceptions about the disease. 
Myth 1: We don't need to talk about cancer
Myth 2: There are no signs or symptoms of cancer
Myth 3: There's nothing I can do about cancer 
Myth 4: I don't have the right to cancer care 

Love to those we have lost, the beautiful survivors and all who are fighting!

Jab Jab Jab Right Hook

Got to meet Gary Vaynerchuk at Wine Library today for his book signing of Jab Jab Jab Right Hook and he got a copy of Truth. What a cool guy and so down to earth. He said they've been jammin to my song I wrote for him in the office. Very cool!!! Check it out Hustlin' (Gonna Make My Own Way)

The Ethan and Lou Morning Show

If you missed it, you can listen to my radio interview and on air performance on The Ethan and Lou Morning Show on WRKI i95 (95.1 FM Radio), The Home of Rock & Roll on Soundcloud. My new song "New Constellation" is featured in segment 2.


Better Connecticut Channel 3

Check out my performance on Better Connecticut Channel 3 with Scot Haney & Kara Sundlun. 


I'm proud to be a Taylor Guitar supported Artist and I endorse D'Addario Strings